Viking Costume Workshop

At Nordahl Hall on April 27 & 28 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

All Sons of Norway members are welcome!

So…you want to be a Viking in Vegas at the District Six Convention but feel your historical Bunad is still “too modern to party like it’s 793”? Or maybe you would just like a Viking costume so you can plunder and pillage at a time and place of your choosing. Nordahl Grieg Lodge has the solution! We will be hosting a special weekend workshop for interested members to create Viking clothing in a condensed version of the Viking Apron Dress class taught last fall at Camp Oldfjell.
We will have:

  • Patterns and guidance for both women’s and men’s clothing, from Kathy Whitesel, who facilitated last camp’s class, and the amazing textile wizard, Bruce Fihe
  • A couple of sewing machines available, for those unable to bring their own
  • Trim, notions, and even some fabric remaining from the Camp Oldfjell class available for purchase (Viking Swap Meet!)
  • And a smorgasbord of food to keep your energy up and your fellowship satisfied, beginning at 10:00 AM Saturday with the traditional coffee and treats. A taco bar will kick off lunch, and there is the possibility of a pizza raid on a nearby sports bar on Saturday evening. Participants are also welcome to bring their favorite potluck additions to share over the course of the two-day workshop.

Contact Kathy Whitesel at Put “Viking Costume” in the subject line so I’ll see it right away.

Q & A

Q: I have an unfinished apron dress / underdress from Camp Oldfjell; can I finish it here?
A: Of course!

Q: Um, I have the dress but I still need to make the underdress, can I…
A: You betcha!

Q: My husband wants a costume too, but will he get bored waiting until he needs to try it on again?
A: There’s a TV in the bar. We’ll keep him occupied. And we will need a few brave men for that pizza raid…

Q: I found some fabric in my spring cleaning! would it work for this project?
A: contact us and tell us about it!

Q: I’ll need to bring fabric. What should I buy? Especially for Las Vegas in the summer!
A: A linen & rayon blend will be cheaper than all linen, and you will want to have about 4 yards for each garment you plan to make, so you have plenty to work with. Although it’s not as historically accurate as linen (or wool) a good cotton muslin also makes an excellent underdress.

Q: Did you say you had fabric? Can I buy it from you?
A: I have one 4 yard piece of whitish linen / rayon that would make a good underdress as is. I could also dye it for an apron dress, but this would have to be arranged in advance. I have dark blue and dark green dyes.

Q: I have a costume I made at Oldfjell but it needs something more…. Whatcha got?
A: some great fabrics for capes and cloaks, some jewelry, a few other surprises…

Q: I won’t be attending the Convention, BUT… I have fabric / sewing skills / a fresh batch of krumkake / a sewing machine / an iron and board / a scrumptious Hot Dish I can bring…
A: Please do!

Q: I really want to finish this costume and wear it at Convention, but I’ll be coming from a distance. Is there a way I can stay in town overnight?
A: there are a few motels not far from the Lodge, and there is the Harry Bjerkhoel Memorial RV Hookup behind the Lodge. Contact us; we’ll work something out.

Q: Can I work past four pm on Saturday or is that a hard stop time?
A: We used some empty class slots at Oldfjell too, just so people could finish their dresses (and wear them!). And I’d rather stay late on Saturday than have people rushing on Sunday. I suppose, like true Vikings, we’ll burn this bridge when we get to it.

Q: Where can I find those big oval thingies to put on my dress?
A: We have a few recommendations if you’re looking for Viking Brooches online, starting with Grimfrost of Sweden. Like the USA’s Museum Replicas division of Atlanta Cutlery, they make a lot of the original movie props. Their swords aren’t being stamped out of junked car door panels, if you get the idea. And they often have seasonal sales!