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Unit 3: Stamp Collecting

How can stamp collecting enhance your cultural knowledge of Norway? Here is one example. The definitive series pictured below was issued by Posten Norge between 1978 and 1983. Note that there is absolutely no indication on these stamps about the pictured building. Seems as if the Norwegian Post Office expects these to be self-evident. How many can you name? Try our little quiz below.

Famous Norwegian buildings on stamps
Famous Norwegian Buildings

Starting in January, 2015, we will feature one of these stamps on the Nordahl Grieg Lodge Facebook page along with a brief description of the building. The featured building will change every two to three weeks, so check in on the lodge’s Facebook page every once in a while to learn why these buildings earned their place on a Norwegian stamp.

Cultural Quiz

Enter the building names in the text box below the stamp value. Note that the 2.25 NOK and 2.00 NOK stamps in the image above are out of order as are the entries in the list below.