About Us

About Us

We have many very interesting activities in our lodge:

The largest is our annual Lutefisk & Meatball dinner held on the first Friday and Saturday in December. This draws Norwegians from all over the Bay Area, both members and non-members. It is the major fundraiser that supports the Lodge activities.

We also have “Socials” almost every month of the year. These are on Friday evenings, and include both dinner, often pot-luck, and entertainment. One of the socials is our Lodge Anniversary Dinner, and is often a fancy event.

Once a month, on Friday evening, we meet to discuss the business of the Lodge. After these meetings, there are always refreshments.  This is another opportunity for meeting and socializing with fellow Lodge members, and guests.

We also have periodic work parties for several purposes, including creating the traditional food for our annual Lutefisk & Meatball dinner.  We also have work parties to maintain our Hall building and grounds.

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